There’s been several times this Summer that I have felt OLD… I’d say 103! I’ve been doing quite a bit of jet skiing and my body just isn’t keeping up! I wish I was in pain because I got great exercise, but I think it’s because I was thrown off the jet ski, slammed into the handle bars and then landed flat on the water.

Both of my thighs feel bruised all the way down to my knee caps… my back aches, my arms kill from gripping the gas or the body in front of me… my bottom hurts from slamming in to the seats after jumping the waves… and well I just plain hurt all over!

I am having a hard time walking up stairs and even just walking anywhere! Going to the restroom is the worse! I never realized toilets were so low!

Mom says I need to exercise more and Bob Mueller says I’m a wuss! I told him to give it a try, but apparently he did just two weeks ago and had no problem!


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