Ready to Move on…

I had intended on writing much more about my CMA week, but I am more inspired to write about Bonnaroo now. Before I do move on I want to just mention a few more of my CMA highlights.

Thursday, I sat down with one of the nights headliners Hank Williams Jr. He is such a funny kat! Hank really had no interest in talking about the festival and wanted to talk about his search for artifacts with his metal detector. Apparently, he recently found a nice belt buckle and was able to win over his daughter, Holly’s love for the hobby as well.

The CMA festival really kicked off with a great night of music with Brooks and Dunn, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Hank. It was a very diverse line-up and quite frankly much bigger acts than I expected the festival to draw.

Saturday night I interviewed Billy Ray Cyrus. Uhhh…who? Yup, the mullet man! I honestly haven’t seen this guy since he shook his hips and hair at fan fair years ago with the legendary “Achy Breaky Heart” song! He looks like another man! He joked about a song coming out on his new CD, “I Want my Mullet Back!” Billy actually seemed quite heart broken that he doesn’t still have his flowing locks!
(UPDATE: Of course the day I publish this Billy Ray is on Good Morning America and The Regis and Kelly show ! He must be moving back up in the world! )

Thunderstorms took over the party on Sunday. Everyone was forced to take cover outside of the LP field. It was wet and hectic! Earlier that night someone took the time to puke on our monitor cover! What a mess!

Lynyrd Skynyrd on stage

Trace Adkins fans!

There were definitely some interesting outfits worn to the festival!


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