Silent Disco…

As my friend Micah and I were walking along the hot fields of dancing hippies at Bonnaroo, we came across the “Silent Disco.” There were about fifteen people getting their groove-on on the dance floor, but no music!

We asked the man in charge, “What drugs are these people on?” He explained that they were all listening to the live DJ through headphones! Intriguing…yes, but was I going to go in there and dance around? No!

Our curiosity got the best of us, so we took a listen on the headphones, but dared not enter the ring of clubbers. Surprisingly, the tunes were pretty good and it didn’t take long for us to start shaking our heads in rhythm.


Apparently, there are clubs in NY considering to take on the silent disco phenomenon! I just don’t understand the idea behind it.
Do you think it is so you can have full concentration while you dance?
A way to keep people from talking to you perhaps?
Would you go to a club and where big headphones? Any thoughts on the idea?


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