The Media Does Not Get Hooked Up!

This was my third time to head out to Manchester for Bonnaroo. In the previous years I have had no desire to go, but tickets have always landed in my hands. I have always loved music, so what the heck!

I was spoiled by my ‘roo experience in 2004. I don’t think that year will ever be matched! I headed out to Manchester with my two girlfriends and no passes in hand. A friend of mine was running sound for the headliner and guaranteed he could toss me at least two passes. We arrived and were able to score one all access pass and one artist pass. It didn’t take us long to scoop up a photo pass for my third pal! We had no idea the value of the pass that hung from my neck!

We were granted free food and drinks all weekend in an air conditioned tent. There were massage tables, meditation sand boxes and even free Timberlands offered to us! Believe it or not, my pass was better than Dave Mathews’ ticket! I could sit on the stage during any performance and hitch a ride on a golf cart to any show we fancied. Additionally, my pal had a hotel just down the street that we were able to crash in (with full shower facilities and a swimming pool)! We could leave the grounds any time and pull my girlfriends jeep right up to the main stage when we returned. It was a great experience, but so far from the reality of a *true* Bonnaroo experience.

My first day this year consisted of a thirty minute wait for my media pass and then I had to return to the waiting line for a parking pass. I was able to score a ride on a golf cart to one of the stages, but they dropped me off and left me stranded. Come to find out, I was at the wrong stage with 15 minutes to spare until my press conference. I had to fight the 80-thousand plus hippie dancing crowd with my camera, tripod and brief case in hand. The trek across the field was long and frustrating!

Fortunately, the press conference was running behind so I was able to still get my story. However, I was left wondering what happened to the VIP treatment? The days when I was there to just have a good time, I could get anywhere I wanted with no worries! This year, it just wasn’t the same.

I’ll have more pics and stories coming soon!


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