I love the harmonica! I grew a special appreciation for it while I was on the road with Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers (LSS).

I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. I have tried guitar, saxophone, and piano, but no luck. I can read music, which is a plus, but I have never taken enough time to sit down and really hone my skills. Four years ago I found myself spending an average of five hours a day in a van with JD, an extremely talented harmonica player.

He helped me pick out the right harp and turned me on to harmonica great, Slim Harpo. I tried and tried to play, but I don’t think I have the right lips for it!

I picked up the nickname harmonica girl and carried my shiny instrument in my back pocket all across the country. I even picked up a pee wee harmonica in Chicago and attached it to my key chain. Eventually we started selling harmonica’s of all colors at the LSS shows. It was great and I even perfected my “Dooh-Dah-Doo.”

I never thought of how much that sound probably drove the guys in the van crazy! Not once did they make me stop!

I got behind on my harmonica skills when I first started working at News 2 as an AP, but then I got a job in MS. I bought one of those Harmonica holders that look like a neck brace and practiced my harmonica every time I drove back and forth from MS to TN. Everyone looked at me on the Highway like I had lost my mind.

I eventually started pulling it out and playing it on my show, Good Morning Mississippi. I would play Happy Birthday to folks a lot. It was really more of a joke though. I lived in the heart of the Delta, where people were practically born with harmonicas in their mouths!

I saw so many talented blues players out there and fell in love with Deford Bailey. I haven’t heard many good harmonica players since I have been back in Nashville, but that recently changed!

I happened to be at the 12th and Porter show where Scott Weiland of STP jumped up and took over the Muzic Mafia night! Scott had me mesmerized, but then this kid Chris Janson got on stage and wailed on the harmonica!

Ever since that night, I have wanted to see his full performance. I didn’t know if he was just showing off to Scott or if he was really that good!

Come to find out he is dating my friend, Holly Williams and use to play down on broadway quite often!
Last week he played a gig at the Mercy Lounge that was phenomenal! He even pulled Holly up on stage and sang a song to her. How sweet!

Chris is in his young 20′s, but is able to pull out the deepest sounds in traditional country! I try not to compare bands to others, but he reminds me of the Mick Jagger meets Hank Williams Senior. He has rocker style, skinny legs, tight jeans and shakes the heck out of his hips!

Not only is Chris talented but you can tell he has a true passion for his music. I heard he jumped in his car about a year ago, and drove from some small farming community to music city to live out his dreams. It looks like the drive paid off!

Now if only I can convince him to teach me a few harmonica tricks!

(Again I’ll have to post pics later)


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