Guess I’ll Keep Waiting on Waits…

I have been a huge fan of Tom Waits for years and I have always wanted to see him perform live. He rarely tours this way, so I couldn’t believe it when I saw he was coming to the Ryman in August.

Unfortunately, he’s coming on a day that I planned to be in LA (on vacation). So… I quickly switched my flight home, cutting myself short two beach days! I knew Mr. Waits would be worth it! I paid the small flight switch fee and got online Friday morning to buy my concert tickets.

I figured the show would eventually sell out, but I had no idea it would sell out in 4 minutes! I don’t buy many concert tickets online, so I thought I was doing something wrong. I put in a call to the Ryman and the lady said to try buying just one ticket instead of two. I did and what do you know… there was one $80 ticket available, but for some reason I passed it up. I went back 30 seconds later to purchase it and it was gone! Yup gone and never to return!

I heard tickets were on sale for over a thousand dollars on ebay! That’s way out of my budget, but if you know where I can a more reasonably priced ticket let me know!

Uhhh…Now I want my beach days back!


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