Invasion of the Mice!

When I moved from Mississippi back home, I packed my items in my fathers moving truck and left them there until I found a new house. I moved on such a short notice there was no time to house hunt.

I honestly didn’t think twice about my free storage unit, until the door was opened last week. My dad lives out in the boonies and apparently the mice decided to make the moving truck their home through those cold winter months.

Yes, I was disgusted and heart broken to see the mice had a hay day staking out their beds… in my couch, my old cabbage patch blanket, my drawers of clothes… and well you get the idea. Have you ever seen a mouse nest? They made quite a community for themselves amongst my stuff. There were nest of cotton for their sleeping quarters and hundreds of acorns scattered about from their dining experiences.

I am a thrifty girl and have a bad habbit of holding on to everything, but this time I had to break down and throw out half my items. In the end I guess it will only make life easier for moving, after all I have moved four times in the past two years.

Why is it so hard to let go of that concert ticket stub or that letter an exboyfriend wrote you ten years ago? I always think I am going to need that junk for something, but I seriously doubt I will actually be looking for that cabbage patch blanket anytime soon. It’s also time I realize that concert ticket is beyond invalid!


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