The Big Bang

I wanted to go downtown and watch the fireworks this year. I even had plans with my pal Heather Byrd to hit Buffalo Billiards and watch the show from out back!

I did a few live shots and had some time to kill, so I went back home. It was so hot and humid that night! I contemplated my holiday options for a while, and decided I didn’t want to fight the downtown traffic and roadblocks.

Instead, I headed to Watermark for a private party on the roof. We weren’t really sure if we would be able to see the fireworks or not, but everyone took the risk. It’s hard to pass up a buffet of free food, desserts, and Sangria.

The show started right on the dot…9:09. Why I ask? Why not 9 or 9:30 or even 9:15? …9:09? Either way the show was right on with what the press release told us. Apparently another TV station decided to round off the time, leaving some viewers to miss the show.

Red, white, green, blue…and just about every other color lit up the sky! Our seats were great! It was a very romantic view.
I would imagine now that it’s confirmed the fireworks can be viewed from the gulch, that next year those seats may ne hard to come by. Does it really get any better than dinner under the fireworks with your sweetheart?

There was a downfall– we couldn’t hear the music! The symphony is one of the coolest parts of Music City’s Firework Spectacular! I remember when I was younger we could tune into a radio station and listen while watching. Does anyone know what station that was or if you can still do that?

After the show I went to Cabana. Surprisingly there weren’t many people there at all. The set up looked great though! All the lights inside the walls had been changed to red, white and blue and there was a band rocking the stage outside. The extra space out back in the alley was refreshing!

I ran into some of my girlfriends there and we went to a party down the road. The party had obviously started way earlier and everyone was beyond intoxicated at that point, so I decided to go ahead and call it an early night.

Hope your 4th was fabulous! I know Heather said I missed Keith and Nicole down outback of Buffalo Billiards. Random, huh?

I’m having trouble uploading pics! I’ll post them later.


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