Uncle Dave Macon Days

I recently made the trip to Murfreesboro for the 29th annual Uncle Dave Macon Days festival. I was a bit surprised at the fact that I went to school at MTSU and had never been to the festival. It was a hot day, but that didn’t stop the pickers from playing under the shade tree on the Cannonsburgh Village grounds.

I love any sort of music that supports grass roots music and obviously, bluegrass does. There were upright bases, fiddles, banjos, harmonicas and even a homemade washtub bass!

The music was everywhere, along with a fare amount of cloggers. Each clogger had their pice of wood laid on the ground beside the pickers and they were going at it! I wish I could shuffle my feet like that! There was a group of folks on Saturday that tried to convince me to give it a go, but my flip-flops weren’t going to have it.

It’s always great to sit back and watch a good down-home festival…there’s so much purity, fried foods, sweet drinks, and the friendliest people! More people came up to me at that festival to offer me praise and encouragement in my career. I heard some great stories and everyone was sure to mention where they reside (maybe they thought I’d say hi on the news). It’s good to know there are some kind hearted supporters out there.

The publicist was nothing but fantastic in helping me accomplish all aspects of my story. Unfortunately, I had some video problems and my “Motorless Parade” story didn’t make air. I owe an apology to all those kind folks that put on a fantastic performance for my camera. The viewers may not have seen it, but I sure fancied the show!

I promise pictures are still coming!


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