Family Vacation…

This trip to L.A. didn’t promise quite the abundance of celebrity sightings as my last rendezvous. I did however, sight some old high school pals and experience some irreplaceable family time.

Every summer my immediate family takes a vacation together. Last year we went to the beautiful island of Hawaii, this year it was straight Hollywood. There were five of us in our party, my 16 year old sister, her friend, my mother, my step-dad (from L.A.) and of course me.

Family trips are always a learning experience. While I see my family most everyday, there is something different about spending a week rubbing elbows with one another and sharing our shower space.

I enjoy observing the three different female generations and seeing what traits we each pick up from one another…the growth and maturity we each develop over a year becomes substantially visible.

My mother, sister and I all officially wear the same size clothing now! That was the only bicker my sister and I got into…clothes. Aside from that little spat, the trip was good.

We stayed in an apartment in Hollywood, across the street from a popular shopping area known as The Grove. Surprisingly I only walked through The Grove once. I entered through Nordstrom expecting to enter inside a mall, but found out the rest of the stores were outside. There were quaint restaurants and every store you could imagine for your browsing. I wish I could have spent more time there and at the Farmers Market that was right beside it. I read that was the hot spot for every celebrity to pick up their fresh fruit and vegetables.

~To be continued~


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