No Humidity!

I love people watching, so sitting outside for any meal is always my first choice. Throw a beach, a breeze, a few palm trees, and NO humidity out there and that feeling is amplified to my maximum high.

As soon as we got off the plane we headed straight to the beach for lunch. My step-dad brought it to my attention that without that humidity, there are no bugs…no flies…and no mosquitoes.

I sat on the boardwalk in Venice beach and watched the dozens upon hundreds of people exercising. There were runners, bikers, roller-bladers, skate boarders, tricycles, body boarders…you name it! Most everyone has wheels! It was inspiring to see how active everyone was there. In fact I believe I only saw two people that were over weight the whole week. My pal Noel, that lives there, said that’s how you know who the tourist are.

I have to blame the weather for their motivation. It was absolutely perfect…the sun was shining with a slight breeze. The natives however, were complaining that it was the hottest weather they’ve had in awhile!

I laid on the beach several days in a row, but I never swam in the water! It was a bit chilly for me.

I loved looking off to my right at the pier, with the rollercoaster and ferris wheel. There were dozens of kids (under 10) with their surf boards in surf camp and others playing games on the sand at summer camp. I wish I had camp on the beach growing up!

I have always wanted to learn how to surf, but as I grow older my fear grows also. If you are brought up learning an activity then it’s second hand nature. I decided when I have kids, they are going to be involved in multiple extra activities.

The weather in L.A. was priceless and the people were so motivating!

Busy people!

My step-dad working out!


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