Stories from L.A….

I wrote this entry before my trip!

I use to write for a music production magazine and every year we would travel to a different state for our annual convention. One year they wanted the small staff to travel by tour bus and they wanted me to write story about our journey in the bus. My boss was kind enough to let one of my girlfriends tag along with us to the convention in Las Vegas.

At the convention, hundreds of tour buses were on display. My girlfriend and I became buddies with one of the bus drivers, Johnny. You know that special connection you have with some people right off the bat?
The one where you feel like you’ve known one another for years… that was my feeling with Johnny…he reminded me of my Grandpa.

Vegas was great, but my friend and I wanted to go to Los Angeles! Neither of us had been before and we were so close…we had to at least try and check it out.

The night before my magazine crew was scheduled to leave Vegas, my girlfriend and I shared our goal with Johnny. The sweet bus driver then informed us that he was headed to L.A. and didn’t have to pick up “Tom” until the end of the week. He offered us a ride so we jumped on board!

It didn’t take long for us to realize that the Prevost bus was Tom Pettys’! As we rode those three hours or so we discussed the fact that we had no idea where we were going to be resting our heads in L.A.

Next thing we knew…little ole Johnny was offering up Tom’s bus to us! Are you kidding? Of course we would like the keys to Tom Pettys’ tour bus for a week and would be more than happy to rest our heads on his pillow and that’s just what we did.

The whole week seemed like a dream. I met Vince Vaughn the first day and the rest of the week promised to be full of other celebrity sightings and exciting adventures.

I’m heading back to L.A. and seriously doubt my trip will even begin to compare…but you never know!


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