It is fair time in Middle Tennessee! My father managed the fairgrounds in Ashland City when I was a little one…so I grew up around the cotton candy, games and rides.

The Wilson County Fair is hands down the best fair I’ve ever been to. The gates are now open and if you plan on heading out there make a whole day out of it… watch some of the contest, play with the farm animals and try a fried oreo on a stick.

Brad Schmitt and I got to check out some of the fair highlights Friday night. If you didn’t get to see it, you can check out our day at the fair on his website–

While in L.A. my family convinced me to join them for a fun filled day at Disney’s California Adventure.
I am a big fan of rollercoaster’s and love most any ride, but there are a few I don’t prefer. I can’t stand the feeling of my stomach about to literally flip over…that’s how I feel when rides drop!

My sister dragged me on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I have ridden the ride before and new it scared the living daylights out of me, but I couldn’t tell her no.
Have you ever ridden?
For those who haven’t– it’s an elevator that takes you up 13 stories and drops. It doesn’t just drop you once…it drops a couple of stories, and then goes back up and repeats about 5 times. The final drop is the worst…the ride rolls to the very top and the doors of the building open…leaving you to look out over the park dangling from the air. After a pause, long enough for you to get your breath, you plunge all the way to the bottom! Ahhhh…I was panicking! I do believe, as I get older I get more scared!

My lovely sister at the park

Also topping my scares…The Sun Ferris wheel. It looked like a normal gigantic Ferris wheel, but each gondola swings and slides as the wheel rotates! Oh and did I mention it’s also over water?

The Scare of the day!

I had to sit with my back to the water while my gondola whipped back and forth. The nightly parade helped keep me sane. I could see the parade lights swaying through the streets from the air. I don’t think I’ll ever set foot back on that ride, but who knows I said the same thing about the Tower of Terror.

My Savior


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