Tricks of the Trade…

There are always little tricks we learn that can enhance our daily routines.
I use to participate in pageants and learned Q-tips are the best utensil for fixing your eye-liner, hair spray keeps your bathing suite bottoms in place and tape gives every women that lift their upper half needs.

I recently got the opportunity to anchor alongside Bob Mueller and noticed his trick at keeping a strong voice is chloraseptic. So, I decided to pick up my own bottle of the fowl tasting green liquid.

Last week I wasn’t paying much attention and picked up the wrong bottle. Yep- I doused the back of my throat with hair product. It was an easy mixup… the bottles are about the same size, but they taste quite different!

My root-lifter product filled the back of my throat with a nice rubbing alcohol flavor and made my eyes water so much that I had to reapply my make-up! I was choked up through the first 5 minutes of the show, but thanks to my bottled water and a mug of cold coffee I was able to make it through!

Do you know of any tricks? Share them with us!


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