Bon Jovi Rocks the After Party!

Yes…the official after party for last night’s Ryman fundraiser was in the back alley of The Stage, but Jon Bon Jovi decided to join his pal singer/songwriter Billy Falcon for a special CD release party at 12th & Porter. Billy Block’s Western Beat was packed wall to wall with word that Bon Jovi would be stopping in!

Block was kind enough to lead my girl Heather and me backstage, where we heard Jon jam for a while on his guitar with Falcon. We snapped a pic, gave the guys their space and then sat on the edge of the stage waiting for Jon Bon Jovi to take it.


Jon came out for Falcon’s last song and the crowed went crazy! Cameras and camera phones were blowing up!


Before Jon sang a second song, he took time to express his love for Nashville and even more love for 12th & Porter. He even gave a little advice, “I hope you don’t take places like this for granted!”

12th & Porter has really been pulling in the big surprise stars over the year!


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