Broken Bridges…

I was a bit disappointed with last night’s red carpet for Toby Keith’s “Broken Bridges” premiere. I expected a handful of Keith’s country music pals would show out in support, but that wasn’t the case. In fact- there were only about five names on the carpet worth mentioning…Lindsey Haun, Kelly Preston, Toby Keith, Anna Maria Horsford, Barbara Orbison and Chely Wright. Once inside I did run in to my girl Tanya Tucker, who looked fabulous and thin! Gregg Brown who produced Tanya’s album Complicated was at her side.

Dozens of fans lined the streets outside the Ryman to get a glimpse at all the red carpet action. Kelly Preston took time to say hi, shake a few hands, give hugs and sign quite a few autographs. Toby rode up on the red carpet in his big black Ford truck. Many kids begged for autographs, but he walked on. Toby did acknowledge the crowd at one point, when someone yelled, “Show us your guns.” Toby flexed his large muscles in his black tee and the crowd cheered loudly. Not long later, those in attendance to view the movie, got to see him flex again on the Ryman stage.

That was my first time to view a movie at the historic Ryman Auditorium. I love the facility, but the wood benches hurt the toosh after awhile. The movie reminded me of a “made for TV” movie or show. The premise is based on a broken family and minding those “bridges” back together.

This is the first feature film debut for veteran music-video director Steven Goldmann, who teared up while thanking his father for his support. It was a very emotional speech with mentions of it being a family film, his father sat anxiously near the front row. Toby’s family all seemed to be in attendance as well. He took a seat about four rows back near the middle.

As the movie got started and the credits were rolling, the rowdy crowed began cheering. The applause and woo-hoo’s from the crowd seemed like they were never going to stop as the movie got well in to the first ten minutes!

I did enjoy the shout-outs to Nashville in the movie and they even gave a mention of the Ryman. On the other hand- there were obvious plugs for Ford trucks all throughout, including an extra long mudding scene. I also noticed posters in the room of Lindsey Haun’s teenage punk character, Dixie for the Woggles. A small band I remember Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers playing with when I was on the rode with them.

Afterwards- there was a private party at Tootsie’s with serious lock-down security. I was surprised to see they shutdown the entire honky-tonk (my pal Heather pointed out to me that they didn’t even do that for Kid Rocks wedding)! Food was being served throughout and there was a super duper VIP tent in the back alley of tootsies.

I hung next door at Leila’s Bluegrass Inn. Patrons were continuously running in to the back alley screaming, “How do you Like Me Now!” I think a few were able to snap photos of Toby and one may have gotten the autograph she was begging for.

The after party must have not lasted long. We heard security preparing for Toby to leave around 11:30 and a short time later I got a call from my pal at the Bluegrass Inn saying Tanya Tucker had made her way over to the smaller honky-tonk.



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