In and Above the City!

Last week was a busy one! Outside of all the great music madness I managed to get a real taste of my hometown.

Saturday couldn’t have a better day to stroll over the Pedestrian Street Bridge and sip a fine glass of wine. Over a thousand folks came out to the sold out “Wine on the River.” Everyone was greeted with a bottomless wine glass and welcomed to sip on over 300 hundred wines.

Sunday my man, Trinity and I took a cruise in a borrowed convertible out to Loveless Cafe (for our anniversary). We picked up some biscuits, preserves, ham and steak then headed to the park for a picnic. It was another beautiful day in the weather world and Trinity took a swim in the river.

Sunday night we indulged on juicy steaks at Morton’s. Before dessert was served, we took a carriage ride around town. I wanted a little history lesson on downtown, but that didn’t happen.
After the carriage ride we dined on one of my favorite desserts in town, Morton’s Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake with a liquid chocolate center! Yum!

Next stop- the state fair. Our first date was at the fair, so we had to stop by. It was two hours before closing time on the final night, but we still paid $16 to get in and $12 to ride the Ferris wheel. It was pricey and didn’t compare to the Wilson County Fair! JD of Those Legendary Shack*Shakers painted this sideshow banner hanging at the fair.
FYI: I’m trying to stretch my cheeks like the lady in the picture!

Wednesday afternoon my man took me for a big surprise, a hot air balloon ride!
I was nervous, as neither of us had been up before. Once we took off from Fieldstone Farms the ride was smooth sailing. It was a gorgeous day looking over the river, hills and farm homes. Families stood below watching and waving as we passed over. We went 15-hundred feet up! I was amazed we could hear most everything that the kids were yelling. The typical shout was “Land here!” We brushed a tree once and my heart dropped, but fortunately it didn’t rock our basket. We could see the flight crew following our route most of the time. They communicated with walkie-talkies and we landed in a random back yard, which must be common for Franklin homeowners. The landing scared me; we hit the ground twice before slowly tilting our basket on the ground…but we were safe!
It was a nice relaxing experience, but I probably won’t go up again. It is extremely expensive! For the cost of a private ride you should get a five-course meal, fine chocolates and 3 bottles of champagne! Do you have any hot air balloon stories? Have you ever been up before…or has one landed in your yard?


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