Kenny Chesney- 25 mill!

The Tennessee native just has it! He sells out arena after arena and his record sales…millions after millions! Kenny threw a little party last night to show his appreciation for those that have supported him over his career success of selling 25 million records. Mingling among the invitees at the Caribbean party- Randy Owen of Alabama, Rodney Crowell and I believe I spotted American Idol’s Kellie Pickler.

Fruits, chicken, steak and an array of delicious pastries lined the room, as well as a full supply of Cruzan Rum (his sponsor). A Caribbean band satisfied the vibe, topping off the beach party feel.
A few awards were given to Kenny and then he gave back to those in attendance. A black sheet unveiled a wall full of plaques, many personalized…Brad Schmitt…Jay Leno and Katie Couric! Ooh…that’s big time!

Today, Chesney is back-to-back and the reigning Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year and he is nominated for four Country Music Association Awards! Keep it up Kenny!


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