Kings, Spiders and Bang…

Last week I headed out to the Mercy Lounge for BMI’s 8 off 8th event, a free concert showcasing new local and national talent. A slew of music row folks were in attendance; it’s fabulous they are getting involved in the local rock scene. Rockers from The Pink Spiders and Bang Bang Bang hung in the crowd. Little did I know it would be a full week of the same crowd.

Tuesday, after celebrating George Jones birthday , I went to check out The Kings of Leon at City Hall. Tickets weren’t open to the public at first, but over a thousand people still came out.

I actually delivered T-shirts to Bonnaroo for The Kings in 2004. Little did I know they would be opening up for Bob Dylan a few years later! The guys have it together and if you could create the ideal standard rock band… I’d say it would be The Kings of Leon.

I tried to snap a pic of their show, but my camera almost got confiscated. It was kind of funny, considering that I see the guys almost every week hanging in the VIP at Layla Rul…and that’s just where they headed after their show. Also milling about at Layla, The Pink Spider and Bang Bang Bang.

Wednesday night it was back to the Mercy Lounge for Nashville Under the Covers…local bands playing local covers. It was an Interesting concept, which was hit and miss with the audience. On the bill- The Pink Spiders, Bang Bang Bang, the Comfies, Slack and several others.

Matt Friction

Matt Friction, lead singer for the The Pink Spiders and rhythm guitar player Kelby Caldwell from Bang Bang Bang once played in a band together known as Silent Friction. The guys are still good buds, but we got a special performance as they reunited on stage for a song.

Matt and Kelby

These bands have a lot of buzz going for them and hopefully they’ll break the “Nashville curse.“ Bang Bang Bang recently opened for legendary southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Pink Spiders will be jumping on the road in their church van and opening up for Good Charlotte soon, but in the meantime it’s pretty easy to catch them on MTV.
A pal of mine is putting together some footage of The Spiders on the road. He’s pitching it to several TV stations, so don’t be surprised if the buzz keeps on comin’!


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