Live Audience

I am not a big fan of speaking in front of an audience.
It’s funny I can stare in the camera and talk to thousands upon thousands of households, but I don’t like seeing real heads out there!

While in Mississippi I had to make quite a few live speeches. I was scared to death my first time, but to my surprise, my first speech ended in a standing ovation.

This last week, I hosted the stage at the new Bellevue YMCA. I enjoyed it! My favorite part was observing the wide age range of viewers that came up to me. I had some sweet ladies in their 80′s and some young high school boys.

I’ll be taking the stage again this Saturday and hopefully it will be smooth sailing as well.
I’ll be downtown at the Jazz and Blues Heritage Festival. Maybe I’ll see you there!
There are concerts on the riverfront, both Saturday and Sunday from 1-9.
Have a safe Labor Day weekend!


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