Monday night I had the pleasure of meeting rocker Jack White. I have been a fan of Jack’s before the White Stripes became so popular. I remember the days when they played the Exit In in their signature red T-shirts. Needless to say, I was thrilled to catch him dining on the patio at Sambuca with his band, The Raconteurs.

My pal, Heather Byrd and I sat giggling at the bar like kids at a toy store about the thought of meeting him. It wasn’t long before Jack made his way inside to get a listen to The Diggy Band. This was our opportunity, but how to go about tackling our task without freaking him out was our concern.

Jack brushed by us as he made his way back to the patio. While I sat with a permasmile, Heather told Jack she admired his music and wanted to take a picture. He offered up a handshake and an introduction instead. Boo! However, that led him to ask my name and give me the ole hand shake as well. That was enough for me to glow the rest of the evening!

Apparently Jack got out and about Tuesday night as well. He was seen going to catch a movie at the Green Hills Cinema 16.


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