Panic! At the VMA’s!

If you didn’t catch MTV’s Video Music Awards show last night you missed a whole slew of production mess-ups! I know it’s a huge production with hundreds of celebs, but maybe MTV dabbled in a behind the scenes effort they just weren’t quite ready for.

There were over a dozen hidden cameras backstage, which was exciting, but almost every time they tossed to another reporter there was a mistake. At one point the reporter NEVER realized they were on air. It’s not his fault, but the production crews’. It was unbelievable how many mistakes there were. Several times there was random clips of music played throughout someone’s acceptance speech or at another off time. I wonder how many people lost their jobs after that?

Other highlights-
Underdogs- Panic! At the Disco snagged this year’s big award! I think these guys are great and their high rankings last night show more underground music is getting appreciated. Also- their live performance, which included old-fashioned dancers and clothing, was awesome! I especially loved the two women on stilts with long satin black and white diamond gowns, standing near the back of the stage.

The best performance of the night by far was from OK GO! These guys put on an incredible synchronized treadmill performance…jumping and bending their bodies from one treadmill to another! (I wonder if the YMCA will let m practice that one?)

There were a couple of moments that left my jaw dropped.
Sarah Silverman slamming Paris Hilton and how “fat” she is was surprising! Sarah went on to compare Paris to France and crack on her for the scheduled upcoming appearance on David Letterman (during sweeps) when she and Nicole plan on “rekindling their friendship.” There were some harsh remarks without one smirk from Sarah’s face.

Jessica Simpson wore perhaps the worst little black dress ever. I’ll admit Jessica has a great body, but that dress was so short and tight that it was unflattering. Surely, Jessica doesn’t really have cellulite? I saw her legs in Dukes of Hazard and that sure didn’t seem to be the case. Also- I guarantee half the ladies have that exact plain black tank-dress from the mid-eighties in their closet as we speak! Pink came out and imitated Jessica not long later.

Missy Elliot busted out “I Can’t Stand the Rain” on her little personalized motorized kiddy SUV. I don’t think a long black raincoat, that looked similar to a trash bag, was the best choice for her wardrobe. She had several cute dancers with large umbrellas drawing attention to her big entrance. The problem- almost immediately one of those lovely dancers hit Missy in the head with her rain umbrella! After that Missy struggled to get her headpiece back on and finally gave up.

And last but by no means least, when Panic! At the Disco went to get their moon man, some dumb guy tried to snag the spotlight. This guy leaped on stage, grabbed the mic and announced his name and website, stating MTV would never give him a job.
WHAT? Uhhhh…OK you may get a few hits on your sight tonight, but you will definitely NEVER get a job at MTV after a move like that. He was tackled by security and escorted off! HA!


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