The opening gala of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center was just as fabulous as I had imagined.

The entertainment team on the steps of the Schermerhorn (doesn’t this look like a wedding pic tee-hee)

Attendees drove up on the red carpet and made their grand entrances. This was one of my favorite rides amongst the limos, Mercedes, and Ferrari’s.

All the VIP’s that RSVP’d showed…Vince Gill & Amy Grant, Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks, Donna Summer, Crystal Gayle, Governor Phil Bredeson, Mayor Bill Purcell and several others amongst Nashville’s elite.

Garth & Trish were running a little behind and tried to rush there way in to the center, but I sprinted up the stairs pleading for an interview. It wasn’t my first time to interview Garth, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have remembered our first encounter. Garth said he would talk if the cameraman would come up the stairs. At that point all the other reporters swarmed the couple with questions. To my surprise he looked around and through the others, made direct eye contact with me and said, “I’m sorry did you want to do an interview?” At that point he stuck out his hand and asked my name.
What? I was shocked. I have no idea why he centered his attention on me, but it made me feel pretty good. I had another special encounter with the country couple later in the night. The two were chit chatting on the red carpet waiting to leave the event, when I asked to snap their pic. They were both nice as could be, reintroduced themselves and insisted that I jumped in the photo with them.
Garth even suggested I double-checked the image to make sure I was pleased, before walking away.

The Opening night chairs, Julie Boehm and Ellen Martin were the first ladies I interviewed. Ellen spun elegantly around in her flowing green Oscar de le renta dress. Jamie was dressed in a silver Mayda Cisneros gown. Jamie told me her dress was lost in the mail just days before the big event and it had to be remade in just 12 hours! I imagine she was panicking Friday as she tried to prepare for her big day!

The sound inside the Laura Turner Hall was astounding, you could hear the tiniest noises (even when someone crossed their legs)! Bela Fleck jammed on his banjo and the Soprano singer had everyone froze in their seats with amazement. Crystal Gale was literally sitting on the edge of her seat throughout the show. Most of the big attendees were seated on the second tier, so I’m assuming those must be the best seats. All though they say there is not a bad seat in the house.

After the performance, guests who purchased the $2,500 ticket were invited to a special dining experience across the street. Broadcast media wasn’t allowed inside the dinner tent, but eventually I was able to come join my pal Heather Byrd. The room was beautiful, decked out in silver tablecloths and chairs. In the center of the room a harpist played on a platform with waterfalls running around the stage.

After dinner the floor of the Laura Turner Hall was transformed in to a dance area and most everyone stuck around for the throw down. The dessert table displayed a huge variety of scrumptious edibles…chocolate covered strawberries, cakes and parfaits, some that were too pretty to eat! Beautiful bouquets of flowers added to the amazing display.

Heather and Me toasting the night after our hard work

At one point this poor girls scarf caught on fire from one of the lit candles on the table! She didn’t notice until a man came over and started beating out the blaze. A nice burning smell filled the Tuner Hall for about ten minutes after that. What a nightmare!

Gift boxes labeled with the guests names where handed out as you left the Schermerhorn. Inside was an inscribed pyramid shaped paperweight.

I hope to attend more events there in the future, but I’m sure none will hold up to my opening night gala experience that marked history.

Special thanks to my sister who did my hair and loaned me her gown!


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