Ahhh yes, Dave Navarro!

I was overly excited to be the only person watching Dave Navarro‘s band The Panic Channel rehearse Friday at Riverfront Park. Perhaps it was because I’ve always loved Red Hot Chili Peppers and Janes Addiction or maybe it was the rush of running out the door from work with my camera hoping to get just a glance of Dave in person. I brought both of my cameras, because you just never know and it paid off!

I took a good 15 pictures and shot some video before being asked to leave. It was a real rush, then again that may be because Dave talked to me? Well…he said about 3 words, “Yeah…go ahead.” That was enough.

The world watched Dave marry Carmen Electra on TV and then there was the reality TV show Rock Star: INXS and more recently Rock Star: Supernova. It’s been almost 3 months since Dave and Carmen Electra split and then there were rumors that he dated porn icon Jenna Jameson.
(I’m not sure if Dave was staring at me because he was mad or he was trying to wow me with his super powers!)
The Panic Channel is on their fist national tour and stopped by Nashville as part of the OCC in America 2006 tour. I am also a huge fan of choppers and enjoy the drama on the hit reality show.
The Teutul family also struck a pose for my camera!

Dave has already written a blog about his Nashville trip. He talks about how beautiful, but cold it was on the river front. He also talks about a late night establishment where he hung and discussed world events with the staff! You can read more at www.6767.com


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