No Elvis Impersonators allowed!

First- I want to say that my comment section has been down for about a week. The problem is being worked on so keep checking back! Second- I have to give an update on the Lisa Marie Presley show at City Hall.

Lisa Marie Presley fans began lining up early Wednesday afternoon for her performance at City Hall, although I was one of only about 300 who actually attended. A couple of Elvis impersonators tried to get in, but were turned away from the door. Creepy and understandable!

I think it’s fair to say that most of those in attendance were die-hard Elvis fans. It was an interesting crowd; many appeared older than the age genre I think she was aiming for. Presley looked cute and young in her short plaid skirt and black leggings.


The King’s daughter was fully prepared for any weirdoes that may show up. She apparently had six undercover bodyguards mingling amongst the crowed. City Hall also had its fair amount of security, so if you wanted a picture forget about it!

Her performance was honestly much better than I expected. My biggest complaint was the amount of banter she carried on with the crowed. In between every song she took the time to chat it up with her fans. It was nice of her for awhile, but I found my attention wondering away. At one point someone in the back asked for her to take a picture of her and her friends. Presley filled the request after the lady made the trek all the way up front! What? OK…hmmm…now the lady has a picture of herself at the show? Couldn’t someone else take it?

Presley also decided to add a little eye candy to her performance with a few stage skits. During one song her daughter Riley Keough and a band member from Ryan Cabrera staged a dinner scene, complete with a waiter and all. It was…different? I guess it was like a music video, but there was no excitement.

Regardless of the random crowed shouts and people acting on stage, my trip to City Hall was definitely worth the experience. I was in awe just seeing Lisa Marie that close!

(FYI: This picture is not from city Hall and is courtesy of MTV Networks)


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