Sara Evans and Craig Agree!

My entertainment coverage partner Brad Schmitt has this as the latest on the Sara Evans divorce. I’ll have a report today on News 2 at 5.

Sara Evans and her husband faced off in court for the first time since explosive divorce papers were filed, sparking Sara’s hasty withdrawal from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

A Williamson County judge ordered the husband, Craig Schelske, to return half of the about $274,000 that Sara alleges he stole from a joint account Sara said was set aside for church tithing.

But the judge, Robert E. Lee Davies, also ordered visitation for Craig for the couple’s three children, something Sara had tried to block.

The visitation could happen as soon as this weekend.

The judge acknowledged that Craig had no source of income and agreed he needed the approximately $138,000 for legal fees and for Craig to set up a separate residence.

It appeared that Craig tried to get Sara’s attention at one point in the courtroom but it looks like the couple never spoke.

Both Sara and Craig wore suits, and Sara wore her hair in a bun.

Also decided today:

  • Both sides agreed not to talk about the case outside the courtroom, making any possible gag order unnecessary.

  • Craig and Sara will work out visitation of the children among themselves, though Craig is barred from drinking alcohol excessively around the kids.
  • Sara and Craig agreed both will undergo psychiatric evaluations, though the judge was dubious about whether they were necessary.
  • Cameras will be allowed during future court proceedings as long as the media behaves responsibly.

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