Sara’s Former Nanny Takes the Polygraph Test…

Alison Clinton Lee took a polygraph test yesterday to prove that Sara Evans’
adultery allegations(Contains some graphic language) are false.

The test results will be revealed Friday night on Entertainment Tonight. Alison’s attorney, Ronald Berke tells me they hired one of the best examiners in the country and the test took about two hours.
Berke also received a response from Sara’s attorney Wednesday. Berke wouldn’t share many details, but said he is disappointed by the response and that it is condescending and somewhat threatening. Berke said they are still hoping for a public apology and a retraction of the allegations, but that he is less hopeful after reading the letter.

Click HERE for exclusive interview with Alison Clinton or you can just click on my new video player to the right!

Craig Schelske will NOT be filing anything with the court today. It will instead happen tomorrow mid to late morning. He says the filing is voluminous and it is expected to be just as explosive as Sara’s.

Alison’s attorney had told me the lie detector test results would be revealed tonight, but according to the ET web site it will air Friday night.


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