Sara’s Husband Denies Allegations…

Sara Evans‘ husband is fighting back against claims made by the singer.
PDF: Sara Evans Complaint for Divorce
***Contains some graphic language


The following is a statement of Craig Schelske, from PR Newswire:

“Sara and our three children are the most important people in my life. I have made the decision to forgive Sara for the unfortunate campaign that she and her publicity advisors are currently waging.

I adamantly deny the allegations that are being made.

As distressing as it is to have to communicate about this matter publicly, Sara has unfortunately become a dramatically different person over the last year and it is something we have struggled to deal with. Sadly, it appears we have failed.

The best I can do at this difficult time is ask that people of faith would pray for her and for my family.

My greatest concern is for my children and the irreparable harm they are at risk of facing. As such, I will have no further comment on this matter outside of a courtroom.”

Meantime- a judge in Franklin has signed a temporary restraining order against Schelske… prohibiting him from ”abusing or harassing” Evans or from interfering with Evans’ custody of the children.

Tuesday we will here from Evans on Dancing with the Stars.


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