The Fray…

Folks lined up outside Verizon Wireless today to mingle with The Fray. Most of the crowed consisted of young girls, many of who were skipping school to get up-close with the Denver boys. The group took the time to give high five’s to those in line, before sitting down to sign autographs and take snap shots.

Why were they at Verizon? Well…they obviously have a deal worked out with the phone company. Fray ring tones, videos and wallpaper are all available on a Verizon phone.

If you haven’t heard of the band, surely you have heard their song How to Save a Life on Grey’s Anatomy. Their first single “Over My Head (Cable Car)” is also a regular on the radio.

My entertainment partner Brad Schmitt learned that I usually don’t ask to be in pictures with “celebs,” they typically ask you to be in the shot. (We were all suppose to be on the phone, but I guess that didn’t happen)

The Fray will play a sold out show tonight at the Ryman.


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