The Last Dance…

A song from Sara Evans‘ latest album is called Cheating and now she claims that is exactly what her husband has been doing.
saraandcraig2[1].jpg Evans has been married for 13 years to Craig Schelske, a man who was once a Republican Congressional Candidate in the state of Oregon. He is also the Executive Director of, a conservative organization that educates Americans about the religious origins of American civilization. But a man with religious and political goals is not the picture Sara paints of her husband in these divorce papers.

PDF: Sara Evans Complaint for Divorce
***Contains some graphic language

Filed with the complaint are 9 pages of explicitly detailed files and internet messages that Evans says she found on her husband’s computer.
Remember, these divorce papers are only one side of the story.

Sara’s husband, Craig has since released a statement…he says that Sara has become a drastically different person over the last year.
The couple who has three young children, lives in Franklin.

It’s been reported that Sara will address her departure to Dancing with the Stars fans this Tuesday, which will likely be her final appearance on the show.
What will happen to the open dance spot? We’ll have to wait and see Tuesday here on ABC.


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