Vince Young Party!

A list of reality TV and football stars walked the red carpet outside Nashville’s hot spot Layl’a Rul Tuesday night. Sarah Stone of The Bachelor, Charmaine Hunt of The Apprentice and Scott Savol of American Idol were among them.
All came out for a special viewing of Vince Young‘s BET reality show “Next Level.” Most of the show takes place in Vince’s hometown of Houston. The show lets us get up-close with Vince introducing us to his family, friends and girlfriend. There are trips to the barbershop, church and Vince’s favorite street spots.
Dance music filled the lounge as everyone mingled about, then the show was projected on the wall. Vince watched the entire premiere from the DJ booth, occasionally pointing fingers to those in the crowed that were referred to on the show. His brother was in attendance as well, but again no Matthew McConaughey as Vince had hoped.
I accidentally caught this poor girl adjusting her dress. Oops!


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