For Real?

blab.jpg Brooke LaBarbera, one of Nashville’s local beauties and party girl, is on the new Real World Denver. The Real World commercials are intriguing, with scenes of Brooke getting wild with another girl in the hot tub…huh? I guess you never know what people will do when a camera is on them.

Brooke graduated from Hillsboro High School and later Belmont University. As long as I’ve known her she’s dreamed of being an actress, at one point she even talked about being a news anchor. Last year she won the title as Nashville Parties “Girl of the Year” and was ecstatic. Not long later she packed up her bags and headed to LA to follow her dreams. Within no time she received a spot on the Real World. If I recall correctly, she told me the MTV folks found her on and the rest is history.

The premiere is on the 22nd, but special debuts run tonight.


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