Oprah’s Man In Town!

oprah_winfrey.jpg Before heading to the Grand Ole Opry House to speak, Stedman Graham stopped by News 2 and talked with me! He is in town to promote his book Diversity Leaders Not Labels.

Stedman says he’s never been to the Opry, but likes country music and Nashville! “It’s hard to beat good weather, good solid people and a strong historical background based on what country and western has given to this world.” Stedman added, “I have had some good BBQ in town!”

After all these years why hasn’t he married Oprah?
Stedman said, “She has a big life and I have a big life…I am proud to be with her and know her and love her.”
Oprah and Stedman have plans to go to Africa this Christmas, where Oprah has been building a school.


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