The REAL Scoop!

realworld.jpgIf you’ve been following the new Real World: Denver, I have a scoop that the cameras probably didn’t even get!

I saw Nashville resident Brooke LaBarbera and her openly gay roomie Davis Mallory hanging out at Layl’a Rul last Thursday. I randomly mentioned to Davis that I had this feeling the two of them were going to hook up, and what do you know…they did! Davis said he didn’t think the cameras caught it. First Brooke makes out with her girl roommate in the hot tub, and then she messes around with her gay roommate! Juicy!

Davis, who was very friendly, was visiting Brooke from Atlanta. He crashed with Brooke at her parent’s house while in town! The two said they hadn’t seen each other in over a month!

Tonight on the Real World, Davis and Stephen Nichols have a big confrontation. Apparently commercials have already stirred up controversy of racism, Davis tells me he is not racist at all.


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