Biscuits…mmm…mmm Good!

ellenStill[1].jpg She’s known as “The Biscuit Lady” and her biscuits are going nation wide! Carol Fay, our local famous biscuit maker at the historic Loveless Cafe, will be making another national TV appearance Wednesday. Fray will be showing domestic dive Martha Stewart a little bit about traditional Southern cooking on the show.

The Biscuit Lady is no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC’s Today, and even on the cover of USA Today.

Fray was born and raised right here in Nashville, Tennessee, she first began working at Loveless Cafe in 1979 as a dishwasher while she was still in high school. Today, twenty-seven years later, Carol Fay is the holder of the secret biscuit recipe, of which the Loveless Cafe serves up close to 6,000 biscuits a day.

Be sure to tune in to ABC on Wednesday, January 17 at 11AM CST. Oh and for those of you that happen to be going to view the show live, I’ll let you in on a secret… Fray is coming armed with packages of the newly released Loveless Cafe Biscuit Mix to give away to everyone in Martha’s audience. Yum!

Click here to watch a previous report WKRN did on the Loveless Cafe.


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