Brooke in Real World Nashville

brookncity.jpg Reality TV star’s Davis Mallory and Brooke LaBarbera, both from Real World: Denver, remain tight friends today. When I saw the two of them hanging at Layl’a Rul last month Davis told me they messed around with one another off camera, but you know there are always two sides to every story! Brooke denies those allegations and says Davis tried to hook-up with her several times but she would never do that.

As for the show, Brooke says it has been a life changing experience that she doesn’t regret. Her time in the spot light has changed the 24 year-old’s mind about having an entertainment career and now she is considering writing.

I caught up with the Nashville party girl at her Nashville home and hit the town with her pals (pictured)!
Check out the video HERE!


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