Carrie Throws Down!

carrieu.jpg Carrie Underwood is celebrating not one, but two number one hits! Wednesday she will have a private party at ASCAP for Don’t Forget to Remember Me and Before He Cheats.

Carrie says on her website that Don’t Forget to Remember Me was the second song that she felt a connection with, after Jesus, Take the Wheel. She says the first time she heard it she cried, because she was feeling homesick. Carrie says, ” I got the lyrics and managed to loose them in a stack of papers that I was sending home. My mother got the package and read through the lyrics. She called me and said that the song made her cry, too, and she only read the words. She said that it was “our song.” In that moment, I knew that no matter how hard it would be to get through, I had to record it.”

Carrie also has a disclaimer on her site about Before He Cheats. Check it out at


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