Niki Far From Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2niki.jpg Niki Taylor is suing E! Entertainment for portraying her as a celebrity “who risked everything … and lost.” Niki’s attorneys claim E! Entertainment repeatedly aired the program last week despite their demands to pull the show.

Here’s what Niki had to say:

“It’s with great disappointment and regret that I have had to file this suit, as I have had a long-standing and very positive professional relationship with E! Entertainment throughout my career. However, due to the misrepresentations and fraudulent actions by the network and its executives, I have no other option but to take this action to resolve this matter. My life is far from a ‘boulevard of broken dreams,’ and as a matter of fact, with my recent marriage, successful fragrance line, clothing boutique and women’s foundation, it’s better than it’s ever been! I hope that this unfortunate action serves to educate everyone who sees the show aired by E!, as to the true state of my life and career today.”


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