ozz.jpg That’s right Nashville, Ozzfest is returning and you can see the show without opening your wallet! Yes, it’s free. There are a few items you may have to buy…food, dinks and (if your nice) merchandise.

“Everybody has been so good to us over the years, and year after year ticket prices get higher and higher and higher,” Osbourne’s wife and Ozzfest co-founder, Sharon, told MTV News. “And we just thought we can’t keep on raising ticket prices because there is not that much money out there anymore. Hey, kids can go online and download music, why not go to a show for free too? What the heck? Ozzy’s got a new record coming out this year, he’ll be touring the whole year. There is plenty of time to make money.”

“To see the crowd, it’s just magic, man, and I love them,” Ozzy said. “I’m not one of these rock and rollers that go, ‘They are privileged to see me.’ I’m privileged to see them. Because without them – this is why we are doing it for free – without them, none of us have got a chance.”

So far only Ozzy is confirmed to headline the fest, but we can expect a slew of bands to follow. A full list of 25 confirmed tour dates is also expected to be released soon. Tickets to get inside will be obtained through the internet, more details will be revealed on the tour’s website in the coming weeks.


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