Rock ‘n’ Roll Dead?

tobykeithbmi.jpg Toby Keith celebrated his 50 millionth performance airplay milestone at BMI Tuesday. 50 million performances add up to more than 285 years of continuous airplay!

BMI’s lobby was packed with music industry insiders that support the rebellious country star. Fried bologna sandwiches, peach cobbler and the like were served. His BMI awards hung on chicken wire and cowboy boots decorated the tables. Drinks were served in a mason jar!

In a press conference Toby stated that rock ‘n’ roll is dead. He compared rock and roll to a religion that is now gone, because it’s morphed into specific categories. He says meantime country has stayed it’s course.

Wednesday night Toby headlines CRS’s Music City Jam. I’m told to expect some big surprise names!

Toby has sold over 30 million albums and has remained BDS Nielson’s most-played country artist every year since 2003.

I love rock ‘n’ roll! Do you think it’s really dead?

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