Sara Evans’ Divorce Heats Up Again…

Sara Evans says in court documents that her soon-to-be-ex-hubby, Craig Schelske, has threatened to unleash his lawyers on her if she doesn’t go on television and take back all her original accusations.

You might recall that Sara said Craig committed adultery and was heavily into pornography when she first filed for divorce. Craig vehemently denied it, and now, Sara says he’s insisting she retract it all publicly and fire her lawyer, John Hollins Sr., before he’ll sit down to negotiate.

“He told me that if I chose to keep Mr. Hollins Sr. as my attorney, he would be forced to ‘take me down with Mr. Hollins,’ ” Sara said in an affidavit filed Friday.

Craig’s lawyer, Anne L. Russell, fired back in a letter: “Our client has nothing to do with his wife’s choice of agents or employees, nor has he demanded such actions as alleged.”

His lawyer further wrote: “These allegations have as much credibility as the ones in Ms. Evans’ Complaint for Divorce.”
(From my partner Brad on 2)

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