JT’s After Party!

Justin Timberlake mentioned at his sold out show that it’s been too long since he was in Nashville and that he would make it up to us. He did more than just that, at a late night after party!

Word must have spread that some of J.T.’s crew was heading to Layla Rul after the show, because the line stretched around the building (about a hundred deep). If you did get in, then you had to fight your way upstairs and for good reason!

Famed producer Timbaland took over the DJ booth, playing a slew of his finely crafted songs, while backing lyrics up on the mic. Justin Timberlake made his way into the booth, that’s connected to the small VIP area. After observing the crowd for a few songs, he bashfully made his way to the mic while biting on a yellow cup. JT spit lyrics to My Love and Sexy Back. It was awesome!

People swarmed the dance floor with their camera phones. Justin began ducking down behind the DJ booth, making it hard to see him while singing. After his 10 minutes or so on the mic, Justin went back to his corner spot in the VIP. His crew, mostly his back-up dancers, was in tow. Justin even stood and danced a bit. Not your typical JT dance, but a little shaking of his shoulders to the beats.

I watched several girls leap over the VIP trying to get as close as possible to the sexy singer. It was crazy! A little fight broke out close-by. Through all the madness I saw John Rich, of Big & Rich, hanging in the VIP and eventually country singer Trent Tomlinson made his way over as well. A club employee said Sara Evans and a member of Rascal Flatts also tried to hang in the roped off area.

By three the club finally cleared out, but VIP stayed open an extra hour or so for Justin. About 20 of us hung until after 4 in the morning. I still feel like it was all a dream.

I heard he was headed in the studio today with Reba.

Nashville loves you Justin!


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