Keith Plays Secret Show for Music City!

kuband2.jpg I thought Keith Urban’s ‘secret show’ was going to be much more intimate than it was, but it was still a heck of a good time that went on for hours! It was really a perfect crowd for City Hall, which holds just over a thousand people. Some folks from Monkeyville (fan club) were invited and the CRS attendees that knew the show was going down.

Keith came out and sang three acoustic songs, before the band joined him for a long set. Songs included, Stupid Boy, Somebody Like You, Desiree and even a few covers- Mama Tried, The Joker and Jenny (867-5309). He seemed happy to be on stage and at one point even mentioned “This is the right place to be.”

Ronnie Dunn joined him on stage for “Brand New Man.” After the song Dunn spoke about how admirable Keith was for taking the steps to rehab and welcomed him back.

Keith addressed the crowd a couple of times, before singing Stupid Boy he spoke directly with an audience member that was yelling, ‘I just left my stupid boy today.’ Keith said she was in the right place for a good night and that there were a lot of ‘smart boys in the audience.’

Before Keith’s last song he checked to see if any radio broadcasters were still in attendance and was surprised at how many held up their hands. He closed with “Who wouldn’t Want to Be Me” and turned the mic on the crowd, who belted out the first few lines of the song.

Welcome home Keith, you rocked!
Click the link for more pictures…oh and no Nicole sighting.






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