JBJ: Hours of Memories

lay.jpgJon Bon Jovi‘s video shoot for (You Want To) Make A Memory took hours upon hours. Some staff worked for over 20 hours Thursday
at Nashville hot spot Lay’la Rul. The film crew said it was one of the more difficult shoots they have done.

Dozens of extras (some club employees, some regulars and others) played a roll in the video. Those working on the video tell me the scene was a lounge atmosphere with a fog machine. The fog machine was so intense some of the extras got choked up and had to step outside.

Apparently Bon Jovi sang a cappella in one of the scenes and the crew rolled on the audio (which is rare in a video shoot).

I happened to get a peak at Jon and Richie Sambora shooting a scene outside the front door late last night.

The video crew brought a piano and furniture in the club, but they were never used.

I am told a girl in Swingers named Brooke played the main role (I’m guessing Brooke Langton).

Some folks didn’t get done until after three in the morning. After a long day Bon Jovi stuck around and had a glass of wine. Earlier in the day the band had some sushi brought to their bus and ordered Noshville.

Apparently the guys had a long day Wednesday, as well, shooting another scene of the video in a Nashville house.

(You Want To) Make A Memory is the first single off Bon Jovi’s upcoming album Lost Highway.

(Photo: Film crew and trucks filled the street in front of Lay’la Rul)


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