JBJ Makin’ A Memory

bon_jovi_1.jpg Jon Bon Jovi obviously loves Music City. The rock star has had a strong presence in Nashville over the past year. He’s been spotted eating dinner at Virago, catching a movie at the Green Hills movie theatre, jumping on stage at 12th and Porter and the list goes on. Now JBJ is making his next video in Nashvegas!

Bon Jovi and his crew will shoot the video for (You Want To) Make A Memory at Nashville’s trendy hot spot Layl’a Rul Thursday. 5 of the staff will play a part as extras in the video.

So…any special request for the man? Plenty of Diet Coke.

(You Want To) Make A Memory is the first single off Bon Jovi’s upcoming album Lost Highway.

Yup! You heard it here first!


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