Local Celeb Stylist on “Split Ends”

bluegrass.jpg One of Nashville’s hairdressers will be appearing on the Style Network’s Split Ends. The show lets a hairstylist from a high-end salon and a stylist from a less expensive salon trade places.

The network chose Nashville’s Trim Classic Barber & Legendary Beauty as the high end spot. I happened to be getting my hair cut when the camera’s rolled in for the first day of the shoot.

Trim owner and stylist, Melanie Shelley cuts, colors and styles for several celebs. She styled Faith Hill‘s hair for Kenny Chesney‘s birthday bash and when I left on the shoot day, Emmy Lou Harris was her next client. Melanie is considered “first-call” hair and makeup artist for actress Ashley Judd, actress Kerry Washington, 3 Doors Down, and temptress Carmen Electra.

Stylist “Weaven Steven” from America’s Next Top Model ended up being the lucky one Melanie traded spots with. Among the funky do’s Steven styled was American flag extensions on Joanne Cash (Johnny‘s sister). He also dressed like Flavor Flav when he showed up and gave the salon employees grillz (for their teeth) as goodbye gifts! Steven paied a visit to Katy K’s, in the show, where he picked up some Nashville dubs.

The camera crew stuck around for about a week and wrapped up the shoot at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn (pictured). Keep your eye out for Melanie, Emmy Lou, several local beauty salon folks and me in the June episode!


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