WMA Film Fest Party!

The fine folks at the William Morris Agency know how to throw a party! The company had the best Christmas party of the season and Sunday night they threw this year’s best film festival party (thus far anyhow).

The shindig took place at a nice home in the hidden hills of Franklin.

Fondue, fried green tomatoes, mini-corndogs and the like covered tables in the stables. Yes, the horses were cleared out and the party peeps took over. The view outside the stables was absolutely breathtaking!

Nashville Film Festival’s Joe Pagetta and his sweetheart wife Kathy Crow (Yes she is the hot teacher boys used to talk about in elementary school and she is Sheryl‘s sister) were among those in attendance (pictured).

wmbarn.jpg wm2foot.jpg

Big Kenny of Big & Rich, Two Foot Fred and a slew of other industry insiders enjoyed the party in the hills!


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