Clarksville Native Miss USA Stays Strong

missusa-001.jpg From my partner Brad on 2:
Miss USA Rachel Smith, a Belmont grad/Clarksville native, may not have won the Miss Universe Pageant, but she certainly won most grace-under-pressure.

First, Rachel fell right on her tush when she started walking down the runway in the evening gown portion. Click HERE to see that.

Then, Rachel became a political football when many Mexicans — upset about recent U.S. immigration policy changes — started booing, almost every time Miss USA was mentioned. It was particularly evident when she was asked her interview question when she made the top five. Click HERE to see that.

Through it all, Rachel kept a smile on her face. And at the height of the booing, Rachel told the crowd, “Buenas noches (good night), Mexico. Muchas gracias!”

Pageant co-owner Donald Trump said afterward:

“Rachel has been a great Miss USA, and she’s really a nice person, and I don’t think they were booing Rachel, perhaps they were booing some policies of the United States, to be honest with you.”


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