Manuel’s Mountain~

manuels-party-022.jpg Legendary designer Manuel knows how to throw one heck of a party! This year he celebrated a double wammy with Cinco De Mayo and his 75th birthday. Manuel usually throws an annual shindig at his home on the “mountain” and there is rarely a party that tops his throughout the year.

Three or four years ago one young man, I will leave out his name, passed out in the bouncy machine. Later that night it was deflated and he wasn’t found until hours later laying in tequila puke. Fortunately, he didn’t suffocate.

This year Manuel threw down the original dance floor, stage and open bar. There was a buffet of food and a table of beautiful cakes! Those that arrived in a timely manner received the signature handmade clay shot glasses donning Manuels name and the year, it is tradition to wear the glass around your neck.

Hundreds of people (maybe 400?) showed out this year; mostly musician types, artists, designers and family members. Dozens of folks brought their tents and camped out, saving the risk of driving intoxicated from the land out past Franklin (smart thinking).

Manuel is always kind enough to open his doors to the party, but this year I saw a young lady dump out the peanut bowl and hurl. Most of it splashed on to his hard wood floors. Disrespectfully, she didn’t even attempt to clean it up. manuels-party-020.jpgmanuels-party-019.jpg

Among the dozen bands that played were; Speedbuggy USA, Rosie Flores (pictured), Ike & The Roadhouse and Got Twang. Speedbuggy USA (pictured) blew my mind! They were rockin’ and Rosie Flores of course had the dance floor packed. It’s always a pleasure to see her smiling face and she can just flat out play. The strangest moment came when one band busted out Prince’s P*ssy Control and a slew of dancing girls charged the stage for a little dirty dancing.

manuels-party-035.jpg manuels-party-034.jpg manuels-party-033.jpg

Speaking of dancing, the dance floor was like an ice skating rink. Liquid goo, mud and who knows what made it nearly impossible to stay grounded. I’d say sixty percent of the folks at the party fell at some point. I bruised my knee and Manuel took a big fall on his hip. Needless to say, Manuel has a countless amount of energy. He was still dancing, bottle in hand, at one in the morning and strangely I ran into him the next afternoon in Hillsboro Village. I told him Two O’clock in the afternoon was too early for him to be out and about in the city after his wild night and he replied, “Darling you know I haven’t been to bed yet.” Wow!

manuels-party-030.jpg manuels-party-028.jpg manuels-party-027.jpgmanuels-party-025.jpg manuels-party-016.jpg manuels-party-013.jpgmanuels-party-012.jpg manuels-party-011.jpgmanuels-party-010.jpgmanuels-party-009.jpgmanuels-party-008.jpgmanuels-party-007.jpgmanuels-party-006.jpgmanuels-party-005.jpg

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