Without A Trace

trace.jpg Our pals at Nashvillepost.com are reporting some sad news from the Village saying, “The days of The Trace Restaurant may be numbered.” The property owner has sued the restaurant owner Ken Perry for $1.2 million, seeking back rent, property taxes and repair and replacement costs.

Perry told Nashvillepost.com that the restaurant is not in default on the lease and will fight the case in court. He said the property taxes and all rent has been paid.

Below are some excerpts from Perry’s conversation with Nashvillepost.com:

“I don’t know Mr. Hayes’s motives,” Perry said. “For whatever reason, he just doesn’t want me in there anymore.” The property owner and his representatives “haven’t been truthful and honest with me,” Perry asserted. “I met face-to-face with them, and what he said to me face-to-face and what he has done is completely opposite.”

“I don’t want people to worry about me,” Perry emphasized today. “Whatever happens, I will be fine, and I forgive Mr. Hayes for what he’s trying to do to me and my family.”

It is reported that Perry has considered filing for bankruptcy.

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